Map Icon File:Crystalgrock Map Icon.png
Key Word Crystal
Grock Type Special
Expansion Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks
First Appearance Rock Valley Fort
Health Medium
Attacks  ??
Drop Loot One Crystal at random


Crystalgrock (a.k.a Coregrocks) are powered grocks that appears in the expansion, Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks. They come in different varieties depending on what crystal they possess, this one possesses all the different type of crystals. Even though the grock is first introduced in Rock Valley Fort, this form is introduced in Arcarvion.

Physical AppearenceEdit

These Crystalgrocks are the same as Goldgrock except giving that their body is a little more transparent which shows the crystals inside their body and has a tan color.

Different FormsEdit

Fighting StyleEdit



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  • Thay are also known as Coregrocks because of how crystals are grock cores with special powers.