Russ: Wait, buddy! Wait for me! Buddy!!

Dillon and Russ had to leave their childhood home, The Old Mission. After defeating the Mecha-Barrel, they got the deeds for their home back from Rin Kong.  They can’t stay around for long as their agency wouldn’t allow it. Dillon and Russ are still “rangers” and still have to protect the villages in the West.

Russ: Can’t you go any slower? You are too fast! Please give me enough time to get on my Helibike!

They had to leave for the Ranger Rocks, which is north from the River Delta, in order to get promoted after defeating the Ultimogrock.  Dillon and Russ had kept a secret from the mayors of the villages other than Mayor Bryson; they are non-deputized rangers. The agency had no other choice as the other rangers failed to protect the villages from the grocks. Dillon and Russ now have to finish their training and become official rangers.

Dillon and Russ were exhausted and decided to rest until morning. The two lay on the rocky ground on the mountains, staring at the moon.   

Russ: We are here again to train Buddy. Who knows what the others will do or say now that the grocks are gone. Let’s just continue to train and hope for the best.

Dillon and Russ are great friends they were hardly separated after all; Russ does emotionally and physically support Dillon. Although Dillon never spoke, he can still communicate with Russ in the form of thoughts.

Russ: I almost forgot!

Russ then takes out a star-like charm and gave it to Dillon.

Dillon(thought): What is this?

Russ: I made this good luck charm from a ranger star that was dropped. I get one half and you get the other one; we will never be separated as long as we have these star pieces with us.

Dillon(thought): Thank you.

Dillon then took the star piece and attached it to the middle of his bandana.

Russ: Ready to start training again, Buddy?

Dillon(thought): ….. Yes. I’m ready.

Russ: Once we pass these mountains, we go back with Sergeant Arctos. Who knows what will happen now that we defeated the grocks; Sergeant Arctos probably won’t care and still be as strict.

Dillon(thought): *yawn* Good night, Old Grizzle Face will start yelling at us tomorrow.