Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks is a user made expansion created by User, Crogenitor SkyGrexor involving a new storyline for Dillon and Russ, and more of the stone monsters known as Grocks.


Dillon and Russ are back in an all new adventure. The red dawn emerges and the monster grocks are back for revenge, and this time they are smarter and more organized in multiple raids. A war between the overworld and the Grock Country has emerged! Join Dillon, the Red Flash on an all new quest with familiar faces and new characters including Mayor Buck, Dawn Raven and Governor Hare.


Dillon, the Red Flash and his sidekick Russ venture out on the Northern parts of the land, where the frigid cold and dark lands of snow are at. 



Stage NamesEdit

Stage 1: "Return of the Red Flash"

Stage 2: "??"

Stage 3: "Red Flash Rivalry"

Stage 4: "??"

Stage 5: "Chills of the Blizzard"

Stage 6: "Rock 'n' Rollin' Rocks"

Stage 7: "??"

Stage 8: "??"

Stage 9: "??"

Stage 10: "??"

Stage 11: "??"

Stage 12: "??"

Stage 13: "??"

Stage 14: "??"

Stage 15: "??"

Stage 16: "The Endless Raid"


Village 1: Clearwater Valley

Village 2: Randoff Farm

Village 3: Rollgenville

Village 4: Cargon Pass

Village 5: Rock Valley Fort

Village 6: Shiverpool

Village 7: Frozen Pass

Village 8: Blizzard Beach

Village 9: Fridged Pinnacle

Village 10: Arctic Ridge

Village 11: Zipherville

Village 12: Arcarvion

Village 13: Lava-brick River

Village 14: Dead-Man's Valley

Village 15: Mount Metamorph

Village 16: Grockhorn Valley





Captain GrocksEdit

New FeaturesEdit


Walk around the VillageEdit

Dillon is able to talk to fellow villagers and some new additions to his daily routine. Sometimes, people offer some advice, especially from other mayors from the original games.

New ClientsEdit

Some new client for the quests from Tracey's rolling grock snaps, to the crazy scientist's need for special and rare items.

Ice BattlefieldEdit

A new way in battling grocks in harsh and strategic conditions that allow more risk and more abilities grocks will do in those conditions.



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