Icon Flame Icon
Item Type Other (Crystal)
Expansion Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks
Main Usage Damaging Grocks
Dropped By.../Found in... Village Shop, Grocks, Crystalgrocks (Flame Type)
Rarity Uncommon
Cost to Buy {{{Cost to Buy}}}
Cost to Sell {{{Cost to Sell}}}

'"Occasionally burns a grock squad every moment or so until defeating it."

Flame is a type of Crystal that burns enemies as they walk (somewhat similar to the Freeze, but doesn't stop in place), This is used in Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks. Flame crystals can be used in battle or on the field. No mater where it is used, it will burn the targeted grock on the field. The effect will wear off after a while, or until the grock is defeated. These crystals are unaffected against Diggrocks, Pyrogrocks, Magmagrocks, and Vulcangrocks but most effective against Frostgrocks, Iceprickgrocks, Cryrogrocks, and Blizzardgrocks.


  • Like all other crystals, Dillon can only carry 3 at a time.

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