Flu Flower Sickness
Client Sebastian
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks
Accepted in...  ??
Task Retrieve the Flural Flower that grows near the cliff edge.
Reward Money 200
Penalty - Money 150

In the quest Flu Flower Sickness, Dillon must find the Flural Flower to really help Sebastian's Son.

Location of Flural FlowerEdit


Getting the QuestEdit

Sebastian: Oh, hey Dillon. Its me, Sebastian.

I know from the past years the I have been trying to get money off of you...
But I'm not lying about this. My son has really become sick.
He's caught the severe case of the Flu.
If only I had the Flural Flower, I could be able to relieve his sickness.
Some say they are located near the edge of a cliff.
Please, for the sake of my son's life, bring me this flower and I will reward you greatly.

Cleared taskEdit


Failed to complete taskEdit