Map Icon Iceprickgrock Map Icon
Key Word Ice prick
Grock Type Special
Expansion Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks
First Appearance Shiverpool
Health Medium
Attacks Headbutt, Skating Charge
Drop Loot Icy Rock (Common)

Icy Stone IconIcy Stone (Uncommon)

Aquacite (Rare)

"Believed to be from a formation of icicles, they are completely covered in ice. Iceprickgrocks are exponential skaters on the ice, almost the speed of Motogrocks."

Iceprickgrocks are frozen icicle grocks that appear in the expansion, Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks. They are some of the fastest Grocks with their ability to skate on ice, though in battle they "dismount and fight like a gentleman" just like the Motogrocks. However, they are only better when they are on the ice, which means they are regular grocks on the snow. These grocks only appear on Vilages with snow and ice.

Physical AppearenceEdit

The Iceprickgrock appears as a icy blue colored grock that seems somewhat transparent. Their whole body is completely covered in frozen water, giving it more of a shine like the shine of a Goldgrock. They have a coneshaped body with large horns sticking up.

Fighting StyleEdit


These grocks are like your usual regular grock on ground, they do not go after towers unless Captains have ordered them. When they are on ice however, they start to skate through the frozen surface. The speed of their skating is as fast as a Motogrock. So with more ice on the field puts a more risk to these grocks getting to the village faster.

In BattleEdit

On the snow, Iceprickgrocks are similar to what a Motogrock would do, they will attack Dillon with a headbut if he is near to them. At a range, these grocks will charge at Dillon, but in a somewhat straight path, in which it is a bit curved. If Dillon hits the grock with a roll attack as the grock is charging, the attack will not damage the grock and it will stop charging. However, if Dillon runs right past the charging grock, it will stumble and try to get back up in a second.

On the ice, these grocks are more faster on their walking and attacks, which makes them more dificult than a regular Motogrock. Only when dillon catches these grocks when they are skating on the ice is when they will act faster in the Ice Battlefield. Rather than walking on the ice, they will skate around and dodge Dillon's roll attacks whenever thay can. Their charge attck starts by them backing up and then they shate twords Dillon with their pointed head aiming at Dillon. The direction of the charge is straight forward, so Dillon can avoid it if he isn't occupied with another grock. But because of their fast speed across the ice, they take more time to get themselves ready for another attack, this is the chance when Dillon can attack these grocks with ease.



  • Iceprickgrocks are one of the few grocks that are not composed of rock.
  • Giving that they can only appear in villages with snow and ice, its believed that they would melt in other places due to the temperature difference.