RotG Stage 1
Featured in Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks
Featured Grocks Footgrock, Weakgrock, Bossgrock
Start Money 1000
Quest 1 Flu Flower Sickness
Quest 2  ??
Quest 3  ??

-Governor Cappy

Stage 1: "Return of the Red Flash" is the first stage that occurs in the expansion, Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks.



Day 1Edit

First ArrivalEdit

Cappy: Buenevidos muchacos!

Long time no see, señores.

Russ: Hey, Cappy. It has been a while, has it...

Come on now, Dillon.
at least say hi to Cappy this time.
..........come on, buddy. It's just one little word...

[Dillon doesn't say a single word, but he just nods and lifts his hat, greeting Cappy.]

Cappy: Oh that Dillon, still as silent as always...

Anyways, I think you señores know why you were called here.

Russ: Let me guess, we have to deal with some more grock problems, in other words, they are raiding again...

Cappy: Well, sí señores.

However this time around they are attacking the Villages up in the Northern Plateaus with more force.
In some cases, even locked down and under seige.

Russ: Whoa, hold on, so you are saying that the grocks are more organized in their raids?

If so, then That doesn't sound good.

Cappy: I'll explain everything to you señores later.

You don't want to waist any time, especially with more aggressive grocks ahead of us.
Get preparing señores, Andale!

Prep TimeEdit


End of Day 1Edit


Day 2Edit

Prep TimeEdit


End of Day 2Edit


Day 3Edit

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Raid Day 3Edit


End of Day 3Edit


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