RotG Stage 3
Featured in Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks
Featured Grocks Goldgrock, Ramgrock, Crystalgrock
Start Money 2000
Quest 1  ??
Quest 2  ??
Quest 3  ??

-Mayor Mane

Stage 3: "Red Flash Rivalry" is the third stage that occurs in the expansion, Dillon's Rolling Western: Rise of the Grocks. Dillon and Russ head on to Rollgenville, however Dillon gets captured by the Village Mayor, Mane because of the recent attacks of a Armedo-like enemy. Dillon and Russ have to prove to mane that Dillon was never an outlaw, the Grocks are behind this situation!



Day 1Edit

First ArrivalEdit

Coming soon...

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